Emmy Award winning Director of Photography Steve Condiotti brings along a unique sensibility that comes from involvement in all aspects of cinematography and motion picture lighting. He's photographed numerous commercial spots, hi-tech corporate productions, documentaries, shorts and music films, as well as working on photographic visual effects units and media projections.

His prior experience as chief lighting technician/gaffer on feature films and television has given him the opportunity to work along side such acclaimed directors as; Woody Allen, Gus Van Sant, Phillip Kaufman, Tim Burton, and the Wachowski's, among others. But he's also shot and logged many miles of footage (and many hard drives) working on fast paced doc-style productions, so he's been around projects big and small, everything in between, and comfortable with all of it. Many docs and short films he's shot have appeared at esteemed film festivals including Sundance, Mill Valley, and the San Francisco International Film Festival.

As a Director of Photography, he's travelled extensively, becoming comfortable working with international productions, and shooting in most major American cities. With this versatile and diverse experience, he's developed his own style, combining being patient, elegant, efficient, cheerful, and flexible. Most significantly, he's still dedicated to the craft, and still really enjoying the work.

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Owner and Principal of DTC
DTC Lighting and Grip
the largest film and television lighting company in Northern California.

San Francisco International Film Festival “Deep Web” (2015)
Sundance Film Festival"White Light/Black Rain" (2007)
Mill Valley Film Festival"At the Bar" (2013)
"To Say Goodbye" (2011)
"Jujuluv" (2005)
"Why Don't You Dance" (1990)
Chicago Intl. Documentary Festival"Hold Your Breath" (2006)
Philadelphia Film Festival "Kool Breeze" (2001)

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